Thursday, 20:00, The Dome, Tufnell Park 07/07/16

This gig was originally part of Hyde Park’s British Summer Time Festival, however due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’ i.e. British weather, the organisers moved it to the Dome. This changeover turned out to be a godsend, as I can’t imagine the atmosphere the Dome added to the night achieved in the vacuous flatland that is Hyde Park.

Shame are a band renowned on the scene for their hair-raising live performances and this particular show was no exception. Unfortunately I missed the start of it (I had probably been in Tufnell Park for about an hour at this point, not really sure what happened there) but upon arrival it was evident that things were already well underway. Frontman Charlie stood leering into the crowd performing his ritual pleasantries ‘Thank you, thank you, such beautiful people… thank you to every man, woman, child, and everything in-between’ with a theatricality that was to prevail throughout the rest of the set- at some points I almost expected him to don a top hat and tails and start waving a cane at the audience. Perhaps another time. For the most part, the sound was tight. Every instrumental gap was savoured and every intelligible lyric enticed the listener to pay closer attention to what it actually was that was being proclaimed from the topless figure bouncing off the walls. Shame truly had the crowd in the palms of their sweaty hands. At the pinnacle of the frenzy (the stage was invaded, guitars were unplugged, sticks were dropped) you could see the band members break face to catch a glimpse of the hungry creatures they had created around them. Impressive stuff considering they only knew about five people in the audience. I only wish Shame had been higher up the bill so that I could remember individual numbers a little better. Stand out tunes: Gold Hole and Gone Fisting.

Acrobatics, antics, and aggression. Shame need to release something substantial soon or their fans might hunt them down and eat them for lunch.




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