Sunday, 17:00, The Crow’s Nest, Glastonbury 2016

Warmduscher are a band based in London comprised of some of the guys Fat White Family, Paranoid London and the bassist from Childhood. Their music is loud, messy, and unrestrained. I last saw Warmduscher at The Windmill in Brixton on July 30th 2015 where things got slightly out of hand to say the least (probably the craziest gig I have ever been to) and have followed their movements as a band for some time.

Warmduscher played at The Crow’s Nest at Glastonbury this year, a smallish tent at the top of a steep hill which happened to be covered in a fresh bout of mud at the time of my clamber to the summit. After painstakingly crawling up to the top I arrived to find that my two favourite songs The Salamander and Uncle Sleepover had already been performed and I had in fact missed 15 minutes of the set. This post-climb depression was quickly overcome by the powerful current of Warmduscher’s shambolic sound dragging me under. Dirty guitar, thrashy cymbals, manic hollering vocals, ineffectual synth and some gross bass. Just how I like it. The set even had a comedic twist with guitarist Saul bolting off-stage as soon as he thought the set was through -two whole songs early- only to be ushered back by a sympathetic Clams.

Great stuff, only wish I had seen the whole set.



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