Tame Impala

Saturday, 20:00, Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury 2016

Tame Impala are one of my favourite easy-listening psych bands. I say easy- listening not as an insult but so as to compliment Kevin Parker’s genius. The thing with Tame Impala is that pretty much all the songs on their main albums Lonerism and Currents are massive bangers. This in mind, we were all very excited for their Pyramid Stage debut at Glastonbury this year. KP came on just how we had imagined he would, all barefoot, straw hair and wafty vocals, and the rest of the band were on point too (apart from the keyboard player who was unashamedly hungover af). The set started with some of the anthems from Currents such as Let It Happen and then moved on to crowd pleasers like Daffodils before playing older material from Lonerism. Elephant went down very well as did Feels Like We Only Go Backwards, but hits such as Half Full Glass of Wine were sadly left off the pre-Adele setlist. The crowd was reallly packed where I was standing just in front of the barrier, with some KP fans refusing to budge so much as an inch to the right or left a whole twenty minutes before the show started. This battery farm- style atmosphere definitely added to the overall effect of the music, with well known numbers given an extra sense of KP comradery as everyone sang along with reckless abandon and smiled gleefully at the person next to them.

Lesser known/ more instrumental numbers however, reminded you that you were in fact standing on one foot, your bag was too heavy, that girl right in front of you with the giant space buns really was obscuring most of your view, your friends had drifted, and you needed a wee again.

Really enjoyable but slightly let down by crowds- the thing about being so good is that everyone wants a piece of ya!



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