Paranoid London

Thursday, 02:00, WOW! Stage, Glastonbury 2016

I first heard about Paranoid London in Bristol, seeing them on the line-up for the day festival LSTD. I am a big fan of the band Warmduscher, AKA the side project of Saul and Jack from Fat White Family fronted by singer Clams Baker AKA Mutado Pintado, the MC who has provided the vocals on Paranoid London’s most recent works. Sad that I missed them at LSTD, more than anything I was intrigued to observe Clams/ Mutado’s transformation from frontman to MC in this new Acid House setting. He sure as hell did not disappoint. Neither did Quinn Whalley/ Gerardo Delgado – whichever half of the original Paranoid duo laying down the beats that night.

The tent was packed, the atmosphere was electric and the Acid House was thumping. At first the synthy techno- style bass took some adjusting to. Its repetetiveness was otherworldly, and to be honest we had just seen Redlight which probably wasn’t the best pre-listening going, but then Mutado’s smooth commentry came in as if to guide us through the trip. I can’t quite recall the exact setlist that night for various reasons, but I’m pretty sure that Pintado’s feature hits ‘Eating Glue’ and ‘300 Hangovers A Year’ were played, along with some Paranoid London solo mixes all of which can be found below. All in all I had a great time and can’t wait to see them again.

The mix of spoken word commentry and acid house beats is unlike anything I have seen before, Mutado all the way!



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