“Like doing drugs.. on a freeway… under water” In his own words: XXYYXX

Over the past few months my eyes have been opened by the beautiful psychedelic sounds of XXYYXX aka Marcel Everett, a 17 year old genius from Orlando, Florida.

What is this genre of music you ask?
It has been described as ‘chillwave’ (rather fitting) by some but the genre itself almost seems irrelevant as his tracks released so far display a multitude of genres and influences forming a new kind of music with the ability to transport the listener to somewhere quite simply called.. a better place.

Besides the fact that this kid is younger than I am and so unassuming with his achingly cool persona, XXYYXX brings a unique burst of life in to every track he releases, that is unlike anything I have heard before. Whether it be the spaced out trippy feeling that comes with his biggest success ‘About You’ consisting of mellow synth over an unintelligible eerie loop taken from Beyonce’s ‘End of Time’ with the occasional euphoric drop taking the listener from one trance into another, or some of his more out of reach remixes like Tinashenow’s ‘Let you love me’ which has a more upbeat feel to it that’s nowhere near gimmicky or overdone, there is no doubt that this young producer has talent.

A personal favourite of mine has to be ‘Forest Fires’ from the self entitled EP ‘XXYYXX’. I really have no idea how this has been pulled off but the track fuses a heavy post-dubsteppy bass with a light repetitive drumbeat and infectious eastern riff that drifts in and out of the overall consciousness of this masterpiece, not forgetting the sensual vocals that blend perfectly for the icing on this already humongous cake.

Check it out for yourself on any of the following



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